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Show me yours…

Calling all LGP fans! We want you to show us how you are using the Lilly Pulitzer, Jonathan Adler, and Susan Branch products. I have searched through Lilly Pulitzer’s site and found some awesome examples of how you Lilly lovers are bringing the items to life.

Here are some of my favs:

These girls found clever ways to use our garland and wrapping paper outside of their usual purpose. Have you done something you feel is just as genius? If so, show us yours! Its easy and fun to load your fan photos to our Facebook page.

P.S: The Lilly fans are showing up the Jonathan Adler and Susan Branch fans! I can’t find one fan photo with our JA or SB gift products, we would love to see what you guys are doing!


With Love from Susan Branch

We love Susan Branch here at Lifeguard Press! Seeing all of her products on a daily basis gives us the “warm fuzzies” on the inside. She has such an amazing talent, and we love that you can see her love for friends in her artwork. It is almost like she signs each piece “with love from Susan Branch.” It inspires us to sit down and write a note to a friend with her Create-a-Cards, and our to-do lists seem a little more cheerful on her notepads.

And, at Lifeguard Press, we love Susan Branch’s website! Her “Girlfriends Forever” book is one of the most precious books ever published and we loved creating a fun stationery collection inspired by it. The little quotes, sweet art and yummy recipes makes us eager for a party (and maybe a spontaneous road trip!) with our girlfriends. She even has free tea party invitations!

Check out her latest Girlfriends Stationery & Gift collection at Lifeguard Press. And, while you’re browsing, here’s a little recipe for you to enjoy. This Susan Branch Recipe  for “Three Layer Carrot Cake” is reason enough for a party … just don’t forget the fun favors!

Love is in the Air!

It’s Valentine’s Weekend … and love is definitely in the air! Being a stationery & gift company, corresponding with those you love is a topic we often chat about at Lifeguard Press. Featured above are some of our favorite items to help you express your adoration to your family and friends. Jonathan Adler’s new letterpress stationery has us swooning. The color and chic-ness makes us want to sit down and pen a note to those we love. Lilly Pulitzer’s new address book featured in “Mee-Oww” is the most colorful and fun way to keep addresses organized. Good-bye Roladex – Hello Lilly Pulitzer! And, Susan Branch’s soft, sweet art on her stationery line can just melt your heart. We especially adore her Create-A-Card to make the perfect love letter.

Go ahead. Pull out your favorite stationery and send a love note this weekend those you adore. (And, remember to always write home to your mother!)

**Love & Win** Leave a comment on our blog and WIN some of the items featured in this post!

What We Love!

So many things inspire us here at Lifeguard Press! Love is in the air here (which reminds us, Valentine’s Day is just a month away!) and wanted to share some items from our licensees that are currently inspiring us. We love their playful, whimsical and eye-catching designs and patterns. Lilly Pulitzer brings us sophistication with lots of details, color and fun. Jonathan Adler is bold, modern and we love his wit. Susan Branch is endearing and soft with her sweet watercolors. When our licensees send us what inspires them with their latest patterns … the hard part is narrowing it down. We would love to produce thousands of items every month! As Jonathan Adler would say, “J’adore it all!”

Top that off with just arriving back at the headquarters from Atlanta’s AmericasMart and we are on sensory overload! We are in love with so many wonderful things. We love gifts. We love our licensees (and those we private label for!). We love to develop new products. We love to shop!
Yes, love is definitely in the air!

You’re Invited to Susan Branch Shows!

We received the  Susan BranchWillard” today and just love reading her stories! She does a great job of reminding everyone of the small things in life and helping us remember that those small things are really the big ones.

This particular Willard has two invitations for events in California and we so wish we could jet set there. These events look like a lot of fun and love how sunny it is there! (Which is very tempting to jet set there since it is 14 degrees here!) The first is the Road to California Quilt Show on January 14-17th. It is a convention for quilt and craft lovers … complete with quilt appraisals, raffles, and booths set up with various artist and quilters. This will be a great place to collect fabrics for your quilts or scrapbooks. (We adore fabrics as accent pages or cover of your books to give an even more personal touch.) And, be sure to visit Susan Branch’s booth to see her new calendars, books, and other great items.

Susan Branch's Booth at the Quilt Show last year.

The second show was the Farmstand Antique Show and Sale (sounds like the perfect day for you and your girlfriends!) on February 6th (13th if it rains)  This cute venue set up “yard sale” style is fantastic … and they have the most delightful cupcakes that you must try.  There is even a “dude section” that is perfect if your guy came with you, too.

Hope you can make it if you are in the California area. (We’re so jealous!) Let us know if you do … we’d love to hear stories and see pics of these favorite spots in January. (www.facebook.com/lifeguardpress)

Branches Farmstand in Arroyo Grande, CA


P.S: The wait is almost over for our Susan Branch Spring 2010 Stationery and Gift Collection by Lifeguard Press!

A list you won’t have to check twice!

We can’t believe it is almost Christmas already! (Time flies when you’re having fun!) Throughout the year we find ourselves having new “favorites” almost weekly. So, when it comes to picking out holiday gifts to give to our friends and family from Lifeguard Press, we tend to wrap a few more gifts than initially intended.  Calendars are definitely on the gift giving list every year! And, this year we have our classic Susan Wallace Barnes calendars, as well as new and addictive calendars from Lilly Pulitzer and Susan Branch. We also love our pens as gifts, and our new Lilly Pulitzer kids items have been very popular. We could go on and on … so, here are a few of our favorites. These items are so colorful and bright (best of all they are under $25)!

H A P P Y  S H O P P I N G !

There is still time to order from Lifeguard Press for this Holiday Season.
Call 800.992.3006 – and one of our elves would be happy to assist you.

Behind the Scenes of our photo shoot!

Photoshoots are some of our most favorite days of the year! (Also some of the most fast-paced.) We do our catalogs twice a year and a few weeks ago we photographed our Spring 2010 catalogs. In 2010 we are pleased to continue producing stationery and gifts for Lilly Pulitzer and Susan Branch. And, we are excited to announce that we will be introducing Jonathan Adler stationery and gifts to our licensed collection!

We spend the weeks before our photoshoot checking out our locations, gathering fun props (candy, paper critters, fruit loops!) and supplies. The best part? Opening the boxes of samples. After months of brain storming, chatting and designing exactly what we want … there is nothing like opening a box with the actual samples that brings all of that hard work to reality! So, we gathered up everything and headed to our locations for four fun-filled and creative days. For this catalog we choose the actual stores of our licensees to get the best sense of their brand and display the items like you, our stores, would display it. Off to the Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler stores in Los Angeles we go …

Once again, working on the Lifeguard Press catalog photoshoots were a TON of fun! We completed more than 100 shots in less than 4 days! WOW! We are back in Kentucky now, working on placing the pictures in the Jonathan Alder, Lilly Pulitzer and Susan Branch stationery & gift catalogs and can’t wait to share them with you. Watch your mailboxes … 2010 is just a month away.