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You’re Invited to Susan Branch Shows!

We received the  Susan BranchWillard” today and just love reading her stories! She does a great job of reminding everyone of the small things in life and helping us remember that those small things are really the big ones.

This particular Willard has two invitations for events in California and we so wish we could jet set there. These events look like a lot of fun and love how sunny it is there! (Which is very tempting to jet set there since it is 14 degrees here!) The first is the Road to California Quilt Show on January 14-17th. It is a convention for quilt and craft lovers … complete with quilt appraisals, raffles, and booths set up with various artist and quilters. This will be a great place to collect fabrics for your quilts or scrapbooks. (We adore fabrics as accent pages or cover of your books to give an even more personal touch.) And, be sure to visit Susan Branch’s booth to see her new calendars, books, and other great items.

Susan Branch's Booth at the Quilt Show last year.

The second show was the Farmstand Antique Show and Sale (sounds like the perfect day for you and your girlfriends!) on February 6th (13th if it rains)  This cute venue set up “yard sale” style is fantastic … and they have the most delightful cupcakes that you must try.  There is even a “dude section” that is perfect if your guy came with you, too.

Hope you can make it if you are in the California area. (We’re so jealous!) Let us know if you do … we’d love to hear stories and see pics of these favorite spots in January. (www.facebook.com/lifeguardpress)

Branches Farmstand in Arroyo Grande, CA


P.S: The wait is almost over for our Susan Branch Spring 2010 Stationery and Gift Collection by Lifeguard Press!