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Day 2 of the Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest


Our Summer Lovin’ continues as we are jamming to the Glee radio station on Pandora! We hope you are enjoying this heat wave just as much as we are! We didn’t seem to stump many with yesterdays question…What color ink does the Jonathan Adler Multi-Chevron pen write with? The Answer? Jonathan Adler’s #14 musing…BLUE!

We are excited to announce the standings after yesterday’s question…

Kacey: 3.5

Mandy: 3.5

Cyndi: 3.5

Alessandra: 3.5

Alex: 3.5

Katie: 3

Annette: 3

Kim: 3

Lori: 3

Katie H: 1.5

Sarah: 1.5

Jessica: 1

Angela: 1

Hunter: 1

Ali: 1

Barbara: 1

Mariam: 1

Sarah: .5

In case you missed out yesterday and didn’t get to play along, there are going to be PLENTY of opportunities to catch up and take the lead. (and win that Lifeguard Press $100 Gift Card) We have all kinds of summer surprises up our sleeves, er…tucked in our bathing suits! So get your phones/computers/ipods ready because here is QUESTION #2!!!

Jonathan Adler was a lead judge in what hit TV series?

Email your answer to info@lifeguardpress.com with the subject line of Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest before 5pm to get the full 3 points. If you need a little help we will post a hint late this afternoon!  Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a beach towel calling our name….