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Here Comes the Easter Bunny …

Hippity-Hop! In just a few more weeks the Easter Bunny will be visiting your house! Have you made your wish list? Our team at Lifeguard Press has been working on theirs … and below are a few of their favorite items!

We are loving the favorite picks of the Lilly Pulitzer Diary, Thermal Mug, Sailor Bracelets and Umbrella. And, j’adore the giant poodle eraser from Jonathan Adler! (You must check out the giant erasers in shapes of a whale, elephant and turtle, too!) The Jonathan Adler highlighters are always a superstar and will go quite colorfully with the Easter Eggs. And … check out the little “baskets” made out of ice cream cones, Jelly Belly jelly beans and licorice. Genius!

But, are you looking for an Easter basket, too? Want to do something totally different? We are loving these ideas …

What about filling a Jonathan Adler laptop bag or Lilly Pulitzer lunch box with goodies? It’s the “basket” they’ll want to use all year! Or, we think the Lilly Pulitzer ice bucket would make the ultimate “basket.” Who wouldn’t want this fabulous gift filled with Peeps?! (Best part? The ice bucket can be personalized!) Or, want a basket that is already gift filled and gift wrapped? Check out the new Lilly Pulitzer bath set – filled with Lilly Pulitzer bubble bath, mit, fizzie, and even a pink rubber ducky! Love!

Happy Easter from all of us at Lifeguard Press!

It’s Your Lucky Day …

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Lifeguard Press!
Call us at 800-992-3006 to place your order and take advantage of this once-a-year deal! (Or, check your e-mail for your Lifeguard Press e-newsletter. Didn’t get it? You can sign up at www.lifeguardpress.com and enter your e-mail address just above the “as seen in” spot.)

You’ll pinch yourself if you don’t take us up on this special offer.
(Our COO is pinching himself that he gave us the okay!)

Featured Items Above ::
Lilly Pulitzer Activity Book
Jonathan Adler Letterpress Notes
Lilly Pulitzer 3GS iPhone Cover
Jonathan Adler Thermal Mug

Happy Birthday Lilly Pulitzer!

Today, Lifeguard Press is celebrating the classy lady who made bright colors and shift dresses part of our everyday wardrobe…Lilly Pulitzer!

It all started with a juice stand in Palm Beach 50 years ago. Lilly, a young New York Socialite, had just eloped with Peter Pulitzer and settled in Palm Beach. Looking for a fun hobby, Lilly decided to open a juice stand featuring local citrus. Her business was a hit, but all the squeezing made a mess of her clothes, so Lilly designed a dress to camouflage the stains. The result: A comfortable sleeveless shift made of bright, colorful printed cotton in pink, green, yellow and orange–the Classic Shift.

Customers loved her dress and soon she was selling more shifts than juice. She decided to stop squeezing and focus solely on selling her “Lillys.” Before long, Jackie Kennedy began wearing Lillys. Then, of course, everyone wanted one and Lilly Pulitzer® became a fashion sensation. Throughout the ’60s and ’70s, the Lilly Pulitzer line was the uniform of the affluent at play. Her stores sprang up in favorite resort towns of the jet set and Lilly’s pink and green colors became the banner of the resort lifestyle!

In celebration we are offering the Lilly Pulitzer® Cocktail Shakers on sale! Join us in wishing this fabulous lady a VERY Happy (it is not classy nor polite to reveal a lady’s age!) Birthday!

“Too Much is Never Enough”

Show me yours…

Calling all LGP fans! We want you to show us how you are using the Lilly Pulitzer, Jonathan Adler, and Susan Branch products. I have searched through Lilly Pulitzer’s site and found some awesome examples of how you Lilly lovers are bringing the items to life.

Here are some of my favs:

These girls found clever ways to use our garland and wrapping paper outside of their usual purpose. Have you done something you feel is just as genius? If so, show us yours! Its easy and fun to load your fan photos to our Facebook page.

P.S: The Lilly fans are showing up the Jonathan Adler and Susan Branch fans! I can’t find one fan photo with our JA or SB gift products, we would love to see what you guys are doing!

A Favorite Summer Party Recipe!

So … the most searched items that leads to the Lifeguard Press blog? Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler parties … and recipe for Potatoes Anna! (And, we have to be honest, we had never heard of Potatoes Anna until it started popping up on our search statistics weekly.) Quickly, we fell in love with Potatoes Anna, too, and think that it is the perfect dish for summer parties and bbqs outdoors during this sunny weather.

Of course, we think that any party works perfectly with fun invitations, party lanterns, pinwheels, coasters, paper plates and napkins, drink umbrellas, and so much more from Lifeguard Press! After all, every casual party should be chic, too. So, go ahead … browse www.lifeguardpress.com and check out our Party Essentials as you begin to plan your party (whether it is for 2 or 200!).

And, enjoy this wonderful recipe for Potatoes Anna that we found on the Food Network site from Emeril Lagasse (BAM! Sorry, couldn’t resist.). It is super simple and really tasty. And, an easy recipe to play with – we love goat cheese with this!

Bon Appetit!

2 pounds large Yukon gold potatoes
1/4 cup clarified butter
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Peel and trim the potatoes into a uniform cylindrical shape. Cut the cylinders into thin, 1/16-inch slices, preferably with a mandoline so that the slices are of uniform thickness.

Liberally brush an 8-inch saute pan with clarified butter and arrange the potato slices in concentric rings emanating from the center of the pan. Lightly brush each layer with clarified butter and season each layer lightly with salt and pepper. Place the potatoes on the stovetop and cook undisturbed over medium heat until golden brown on the bottom, about 3 to 4 minutes. Transfer the potatoes to the oven and cook until caramelized and cooked through, about 30 minutes, pressing the potatoes occasionally to compress and shaking the pan to keep the potatoes from sticking to the bottom.

Drain the excess butter from the pan and turn the potato cake out onto a cutting board. Slice into quarters and serve.

Item of the Week! Crabtastic Circle Notes 15% Off

Lilly Pulitzer Circle Notes-Crabtastic

Lifeguard Press is estatic to announce the “Item of the Week” for May 24-28th … Lilly Pulitzer® Crabtastic Blue Circle Notes. This colorful stack of notes is the perfect item to place on your desk or the foyer table to jot your summer memos (like “I’m in the pool!” or “Popsicles are in the freezer!”).

Call us at 800-992-3006 to order yours today!


Lifeguard Press

Crabtastic Circle Notes
Item # 103113
$15.95 SRP

Item of the Week! Highlighters 15% Off

Lilly Pulitzer Highlighters - Fall 2009Jonathan Adler Highlighters-Spring 2010

We are excited to announce an extra colorful “Item of the Week” at Lifeguard Press! Our Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler Highlighters are 15% off … this week only!  So, color code, circle or call out important information with style. Both sets include 5 chisel-tip highlighters per pack.

Hint: Jonathan Adler’s highlighters are so celebrity-esque! Did you see him on Celebrity Apprentice Sunday Night?


Lifeguard Press

Lilly Pulitzer Highlighters (Item 101600)
Jonathan Adler Highlighters (Item 100760)
$9.95 SRP

Photo Shoot! New Products from Lilly Pulitzer (part one)

We had great “day two” of our photo shoot in San Francisco! Above are a few “behind the scenes” pictures from the new Lilly Pulitzer stationery and gifts coming this Fall from Lifeguard Press. So many wonderful items coming your way soon … including (shown above)  magnetic boards, watches and agendas. (Fun Facts: The new agendas are 17 months! August 2010 through December 2011 … featuring fun tongue twisters throughout.) And, we have some fun new goodies for your beach house, holidays and so much more. We are back in the studio tomorrow and will post some more shots soon.

Be on watch for the new items coming soon! (And, if you have any current favorites in the Lilly Pulitzer stationery & gift line … order now before they retire!)

Item of the Week :: Luxurious Letterpress Cards

Lilly Pulitzer Letterpressed Correspondence Cards-Shell Seahorse

Your “Item of the Week” from Lifeguard Press? Lilly Pulitzer Letterpress Correspondence Cards featured in the Shell Seahorse pattern! The sun is shining, beach vacay planned … and these cards are perfect to write letters and notes to your friends this summer. (And, we think that the boss is a little “summer happy” by giving the generous 15% off on these cards this week!) The letterpress correspondence cards are gorgeously and deeply letterpressed on 165 lb. paper. (For those of you who are wondering what 165 lb. paper is … it is more than twice-as-thick as your normal foldover notes. Amazing quality of paper … so thick it will barely bend!) The Shell Seahorse cards are 2-color letterpressed and come with corresponding yellow envelopes. Happy Summer to YOU!

Call us today at 800-992-3006 to take advantage of this very special offer.

Hint: You can have these personalized by your local letterpresser. Also, they may great table numbers, welcome tags, and menus for beach weddings!


Lifeguard Press

Letterpress Cards, Shell Seahorse – $17.95 (SRP)
Item 102123 – 6 cards/6 envelopes

Patchtastic Ink Pens :: 15% Off this Week!

Lilly Pulitzer Ink Pen-Patchtastic

Wow! Lifeguard Press is excited to announce that the Lilly Pulitzer Patchtastic Ink Pens are 15% off this week! Just in time for Mother’s Day gifts (hint: pair it with some Lilly Pulitzer stationery) … this ink pen is already gift boxed. Take advantage of this offer and order lots … there is a reason that Lifeguard Press ink pens have been the #1 best-seller in stores for years!

Call us at 800-992-3006 to place your order today.


Lifeguard Press

Patchtastic Ink Pen, Item #103624 – $19.95 SRP