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Happy Birthday Lilly Pulitzer!

Today, Lifeguard Press is celebrating the classy lady who made bright colors and shift dresses part of our everyday wardrobe…Lilly Pulitzer!

It all started with a juice stand in Palm Beach 50 years ago. Lilly, a young New York Socialite, had just eloped with Peter Pulitzer and settled in Palm Beach. Looking for a fun hobby, Lilly decided to open a juice stand featuring local citrus. Her business was a hit, but all the squeezing made a mess of her clothes, so Lilly designed a dress to camouflage the stains. The result: A comfortable sleeveless shift made of bright, colorful printed cotton in pink, green, yellow and orange–the Classic Shift.

Customers loved her dress and soon she was selling more shifts than juice. She decided to stop squeezing and focus solely on selling her “Lillys.” Before long, Jackie Kennedy began wearing Lillys. Then, of course, everyone wanted one and Lilly Pulitzer® became a fashion sensation. Throughout the ’60s and ’70s, the Lilly Pulitzer line was the uniform of the affluent at play. Her stores sprang up in favorite resort towns of the jet set and Lilly’s pink and green colors became the banner of the resort lifestyle!

In celebration we are offering the Lilly Pulitzer® Cocktail Shakers on sale! Join us in wishing this fabulous lady a VERY Happy (it is not classy nor polite to reveal a lady’s age!) Birthday!

“Too Much is Never Enough”

It’s Here!!

Just in time for the fall and holiday season, the new and improved www.lifeguardpress.com is up and running! You can view our Susan Wallace Barnes, Lilly Pulitzer, and Susan Branch fine stationery and gift products. We’ve made it easier to view the products, and what everyone loves to do, shop!! To celebrate I thought I would ask each of our employees to share with you a few of their favorite products and why. Enjoy!

First place among the busy bees at Lifeguard Press are the notebook and mini notebooks. As I walked through to ask everyone their fav, I noticed one on just about everyones desk! Those who pick these as their favorite were Kelly C. (our money momma), Kelly P. (our tradeshow extraordinaire), Ashely C. (our internet queen), and Brian K. (our muscle man). Between the notebook and mini notebook, the mini takes lead as the favorite. It is small enough to place on desk and perfect to jot notes during meetings. The cover is thick and sturdy so it doesn’t rip and tear.

Bookworm vertical

Shown is our Bookworm collection in Vintage Patch. We have six patterns of our Lilly Pulitzer notebooks available. To see them all simply click on photo above!

Tied for second in the office were our ink pens and thermal mugs. The pen was chosen by David C. (our own Michael Scott),  Nick D. (Kelly C.’s BFF and our Utility Man), and Kelly P. for it’s fluidity in writing and functionality. I know typical male response :).

PensWe currently have eight patterns available in our Lilly Pulitzer pen. To view all patterns, just click on the image above. In the spring we will release more patterns in Lilly Pulitzer and introduce the pen in Susan Branch!

David C. also chose our thermal mug as a favorite. Joining him was Crystal B. and Angie D. (two of our top Customer Service Reps). They loved the lightweight feel, the temperature control, and the cute patterns!

Thermal Mugs1

These mugs our a new introduction to the Lifeguard Press product family, and they have been well received. We currently have three patterns for the mug, but in the spring we will have more to come in Lilly!

Two additional beverage inspired products that were chosen as favorites were the tumblers and the cocktail shakers. Ashley C. chose the cocktail shakers for it functionality :), and David G. (our celebrity greeter) chose the tumblers for the exact same reason. In all seriousness these two products and the thermal mugs are perfect way to party in style while being earth conscious! Don’t forget reduce, reuse, and recycle!


Cocktail Shakers

party tableware

Just one of our tableware patterns, you know where to find rest :)!

The above mentioned were our top faves in the office. Below are a few more products that were selected as those we could not live without!

Agenda Ports o CallOne of our three new Lilly Pulitzer Agenda’s chosen by Taylor B. (one of our customer service reps) , available in two sizes. Want to see more, click on the image above.


Kelly C. loves loves loves the Susan Barnes create a cards. These are perfect to have for thank you notes, birthday cards, and thinking of you. Click on image to see our other patterns.  For you Susan Branch lovers, we will have her create a cards in spring!


You know all my fellow blogger Jessica! Her fav is the Cloud Nine custom stationery. Love the idea of a custom card but want to see more designs? Never fear, click on the card and see our plethora of designs!

Highlighters and pencils 21The pencils were chosen as top pick by Wilson W. the warehouse warrior! Alliteration at its best :). They are always handy at his desk to take notes. Shown above with our highlighters!

Gift EnclosureThe gift enclosures are a perfect way to send a note to your families and friends. They are small and easy store. Angie D. chose them not only for the fun notes, but for the box she can easily reuse.


Last but not least, my favorite! I adore the playing card set! You get two decks and a score pad all bundled together in a sturdy gift box. They are too fun!

Now its your turn to explore our website and let me know your favorite Lifeguard Press Product!!

-Karen P.

Gettin silly with Lilly!

Here at Lifeguard Press we don’t just go through the motions of producing and selling our product. We really get to know our designers and their quirks. Lilly Pulitzer is one or our designers that is full of fun and surprises! Here are few of my favorite things that we discovered while researching the great Lilly Pulitzer.

It is no surprise to anyone that her line of clothing is bright, patterned filled, and palm beach to a tee. What I didn’t know was how extensive her mens line was! I am in love the bow ties and sportscoats! Below is one of our very own, Kelly Parker, donned in his very dapper Lilly Pulitzer blazer. This picture was taken at the Atlanta trade show.


I was informed by one my colleagues that Maybellines Great Lash Mascara packaging was designed by none other than our Lilly Pulitzer. After doing research I found the pink bottle with green lid was created in 1933 and was very much inspired by Lilly Pulitzer’s colors. I could not find proof that she did design it, but nonetheless, this is just more proof that pink and green is timeless.


Did you know that Lilly Pulitzer uses her power over the pink world for much good? She has teamed up with Florida’s Natural juices to create a limited edition juice carton. The carton not only celebrates the 75th anniversary of Florida’s Natural Juice and the 50th anniversary of Lilly Pulitzer, but a portion of the proceeds will go directly to breastcancer.org!


If you knew the story of how Lilly got her start you would agree that the above mentioned team is a match made in palm beach heaven. She started off working at her juice stand and was constantly getting stains on her clothing from the fruit juices. So, she decided to design her own dresses that would disguise the stains. Everyone fell in love with her dresses, so she decided to stop selling juice and to start selling dresses. Here we are fifty years later and we wouldn’t dream of getting juice on our favorite Lilly products!


To celebrate her 50th anniversary Lilly Pulitzer decided to create a stationery and gifts line. As usually with Lilly it is no work and all play. The line is full of party essentials; such as, celebration garland, party poms, tableware, tumblers, cocktail shakers, and much more. Even the products focused around getting work done are so playful and fun, you won’t even care to work.

Party Poms and Garland

Agenda These are just a very small amount of things we love about Lilly Pulitzer. I will continue to update more fun finds as they emerge.