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Happy Birthday Lilly Pulitzer!

Today, Lifeguard Press is celebrating the classy lady who made bright colors and shift dresses part of our everyday wardrobe…Lilly Pulitzer!

It all started with a juice stand in Palm Beach 50 years ago. Lilly, a young New York Socialite, had just eloped with Peter Pulitzer and settled in Palm Beach. Looking for a fun hobby, Lilly decided to open a juice stand featuring local citrus. Her business was a hit, but all the squeezing made a mess of her clothes, so Lilly designed a dress to camouflage the stains. The result: A comfortable sleeveless shift made of bright, colorful printed cotton in pink, green, yellow and orange–the Classic Shift.

Customers loved her dress and soon she was selling more shifts than juice. She decided to stop squeezing and focus solely on selling her “Lillys.” Before long, Jackie Kennedy began wearing Lillys. Then, of course, everyone wanted one and Lilly Pulitzer® became a fashion sensation. Throughout the ’60s and ’70s, the Lilly Pulitzer line was the uniform of the affluent at play. Her stores sprang up in favorite resort towns of the jet set and Lilly’s pink and green colors became the banner of the resort lifestyle!

In celebration we are offering the Lilly Pulitzer® Cocktail Shakers on sale! Join us in wishing this fabulous lady a VERY Happy (it is not classy nor polite to reveal a lady’s age!) Birthday!

“Too Much is Never Enough”

Free Coffee at Starbucks … Stylishly

We love coffee! We love Starbucks! We love fabulous thermal mugs! … So, April 15th feels more like a holiday than tax day!
What a delightful surprise to discover that today is “free coffee” day at Starbucks when you bring in your own travel mug. And, the fact that it is for a good cause makes us feel like our caffine addiction has a purpose. By using your own travel mug (instead of the iconic Starbucks paper cup), we can help save more than 30 trees a day. Wow! The Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler thermal mugs are the perfect travel mug. They’re chic, they’re stylish, they’re cute. We especially love the Lilly Pulitzer “Queen of Green” pattern – which supports the “Lilly Loves Green” campaign. Seems like perfect match to us!

Grab your favorite Lilly Pulitzer or Jonathan Adler thermal mug and head to Starbucks for your coffee today … and everyday! (We’ll see you there!)

Don’t have a chic travel thermal mug? (Tsk, tsk.) We can help! Order yours today at Lifeguard Press.
(Hint: These make a great gift! Slip a Starbucks gift card inside for the perfect Graduation Gift.)

Item of the Week!

Lilly Pulitzer Luggage Tag-Patchtastic

We are so excited to announce that this week’s “Item of the Week” is one of our most popular items this Spring … the Lilly Pulitzer Patchtastic Luggage Tag!
These tags are made from recycled material and are a part of the “Lilly Loves Green” campaign. Features a snap closure that opens to reveal your name, address and contact number. Perfect for spring break travels and summer vacations! You’ll definitely recognize your bag with this cute tag!

These luggage tags aren’t just for your luggage. We also love them as gift tags, wine tags … or even as napkin ring place cards. Your creativity is endless!

Call Lifeguard Press today at 800.992.3006 to receive 15% off these great luggage tags. (This week only!)

Lifeguard Press

Patchatastic Luggage Tag – $5.95 SRP

Loving Green! Going Green!

“Going Green!” started off as a great slogan, and has quickly become a lifestyle. We, here at Lifeguard Press, do what we can to recycle and be conscious of our environment that we live in. Last year, the Lilly Pulitzer team told us about their brilliant idea to do a “Lilly loves Green” campaign … and we quickly jumped on board! Watch for some fantastic “Lilly loves Green” items (including thermal mugs, market bags, tumblers and so much more!) to arrive in your favorite gift stores soon.  And, as part of the campaign, we are supporting the World Wildlife Fund with the sale of some of our cute Lilly Pulitzer critter items, including the new “Desert Tort” watch set.

Since last we have also started looking at “going green” and “loving green” through creative eyes. We are amazed and delighted at all that is happening in this world. This past week we were in New York City for the New York Gift Fair and stopped in our tracks at Anthropologie as we gazed upon their windows. Beautiful, Creative, Happy and Spring-esque … and all made from plastic cups and soda bottles. Wow! How are you “loving Green?”