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Here Comes the Easter Bunny …

Hippity-Hop! In just a few more weeks the Easter Bunny will be visiting your house! Have you made your wish list? Our team at Lifeguard Press has been working on theirs … and below are a few of their favorite items!

We are loving the favorite picks of the Lilly Pulitzer Diary, Thermal Mug, Sailor Bracelets and Umbrella. And, j’adore the giant poodle eraser from Jonathan Adler! (You must check out the giant erasers in shapes of a whale, elephant and turtle, too!) The Jonathan Adler highlighters are always a superstar and will go quite colorfully with the Easter Eggs. And … check out the little “baskets” made out of ice cream cones, Jelly Belly jelly beans and licorice. Genius!

But, are you looking for an Easter basket, too? Want to do something totally different? We are loving these ideas …

What about filling a Jonathan Adler laptop bag or Lilly Pulitzer lunch box with goodies? It’s the “basket” they’ll want to use all year! Or, we think the Lilly Pulitzer ice bucket would make the ultimate “basket.” Who wouldn’t want this fabulous gift filled with Peeps?! (Best part? The ice bucket can be personalized!) Or, want a basket that is already gift filled and gift wrapped? Check out the new Lilly Pulitzer bath set – filled with Lilly Pulitzer bubble bath, mit, fizzie, and even a pink rubber ducky! Love!

Happy Easter from all of us at Lifeguard Press!

Final Day of Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest


Happy Friday to all! We are facing a long weekend with beautiful weather to help us celebrate Independence Day!  Our paper lanterns have been hung with care and our coordinating plates are ready to filled with yummy grilled burgers and Momma’s potato salad! What are your plans?

We can’t believe the time has finally come but today is the last day for our Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest. One lucky gal is going to win $100 to shop with Lifeguard Press and it all rides on today’s final question…

What are the First Names of Mr & Mrs Muse?

 You thought we would give you a break being that it was a holiday weekend…what kind of fun would that be? This question will separate the fans from the real fans!! Email your answer to: with the subject line: Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest before midnight (CST) to win that $100 Lifeguard Press gift card!  If this question is causing you a headache we will be back later today with some advice! Until then…


p.s. The answer to yesterday’s question:  What animals appear on Jonathan Adler’s Acapulco pattern? rabbit, bird & fish

Final Days of the Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are looking forward to the approaching 4th of July Holiday! This morning we were enjoying our morning coffee (in our Greek Key Thermal Mugs), planning our 4th of the July cookout, while watching our new brand Dylan’s Candy Bar on The Early Show giving tips on adding some festive flair to our barbeque! Speaking of festive flair: today only Jonathan Adler’s Paper Lanterns will be on sale. These are must have for your 4th of July celebration!

We wanted to commend you all on your brilliant efforts on Friday’s question! We hope it didn’t make you want to throw a few pots! In 2006, what global icon did Jonathan Adler teach to throw a pot? The one and only Oprah!!

*photo courtsey
Jonathan Adler was featured on the episode of Oprah “Loving What They Do”. Jonathan shared with Oprah that he has one overall intention behind everything he designs. “I feel your home should make you happy,” he says. “The real intention is to make stuff that’s very personal, very idiosyncratic, and very uplifting.” Doesn’t that give you the motivation to redecorate!? We know of a picture frame that would be perfect in your redecorating…

What colors make up our Jonathan Adler Square Pegs Picture Frame?

Email your answer to: with the subject line: Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest before midnight (CST) to win that $100 Lifeguard Press gift card!We are off to soak our feet in the pool and give our dancing shoes a rest! Until then…


Friday’s Installment of the Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest!

We are so thankful that this week hasn’t dragged on like the opening round of Wimbledon! The day should fly by as well, it started with delicious chocolate suckers by See’s. Nothing beats chocolate for breakfast. Thanks again Todd!

Today’s question is worth double the points because it is going to require double the effort.

In 2006, what global icon did Jonathan Adler teach to throw a pot?

Email your answer to with the subject line of Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest before 5pm to get the full 6 points. (Don’t forget to “like” our status on Facebook to receive an additional point!) Even though we are so ready to jump start the weekend we will still make time to assist you before we leave for the weekend!


Day 2 of the Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest


Our Summer Lovin’ continues as we are jamming to the Glee radio station on Pandora! We hope you are enjoying this heat wave just as much as we are! We didn’t seem to stump many with yesterdays question…What color ink does the Jonathan Adler Multi-Chevron pen write with? The Answer? Jonathan Adler’s #14 musing…BLUE!

We are excited to announce the standings after yesterday’s question…

Kacey: 3.5

Mandy: 3.5

Cyndi: 3.5

Alessandra: 3.5

Alex: 3.5

Katie: 3

Annette: 3

Kim: 3

Lori: 3

Katie H: 1.5

Sarah: 1.5

Jessica: 1

Angela: 1

Hunter: 1

Ali: 1

Barbara: 1

Mariam: 1

Sarah: .5

In case you missed out yesterday and didn’t get to play along, there are going to be PLENTY of opportunities to catch up and take the lead. (and win that Lifeguard Press $100 Gift Card) We have all kinds of summer surprises up our sleeves, er…tucked in our bathing suits! So get your phones/computers/ipods ready because here is QUESTION #2!!!

Jonathan Adler was a lead judge in what hit TV series?

Email your answer to with the subject line of Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest before 5pm to get the full 3 points. If you need a little help we will post a hint late this afternoon!  Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a beach towel calling our name….

A Favorite Summer Party Recipe!

So … the most searched items that leads to the Lifeguard Press blog? Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler parties … and recipe for Potatoes Anna! (And, we have to be honest, we had never heard of Potatoes Anna until it started popping up on our search statistics weekly.) Quickly, we fell in love with Potatoes Anna, too, and think that it is the perfect dish for summer parties and bbqs outdoors during this sunny weather.

Of course, we think that any party works perfectly with fun invitations, party lanterns, pinwheels, coasters, paper plates and napkins, drink umbrellas, and so much more from Lifeguard Press! After all, every casual party should be chic, too. So, go ahead … browse and check out our Party Essentials as you begin to plan your party (whether it is for 2 or 200!).

And, enjoy this wonderful recipe for Potatoes Anna that we found on the Food Network site from Emeril Lagasse (BAM! Sorry, couldn’t resist.). It is super simple and really tasty. And, an easy recipe to play with – we love goat cheese with this!

Bon Appetit!

2 pounds large Yukon gold potatoes
1/4 cup clarified butter
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Peel and trim the potatoes into a uniform cylindrical shape. Cut the cylinders into thin, 1/16-inch slices, preferably with a mandoline so that the slices are of uniform thickness.

Liberally brush an 8-inch saute pan with clarified butter and arrange the potato slices in concentric rings emanating from the center of the pan. Lightly brush each layer with clarified butter and season each layer lightly with salt and pepper. Place the potatoes on the stovetop and cook undisturbed over medium heat until golden brown on the bottom, about 3 to 4 minutes. Transfer the potatoes to the oven and cook until caramelized and cooked through, about 30 minutes, pressing the potatoes occasionally to compress and shaking the pan to keep the potatoes from sticking to the bottom.

Drain the excess butter from the pan and turn the potato cake out onto a cutting board. Slice into quarters and serve.

Item of the Week :: Jonathan Adler Tumblers

Just in time for fun in the sun … Lifeguard Press is excited to announce that our Item of the Week this week is Jonathan Adler Tumblers.
Playing opposites has never been so chic. These plastic tumblers feature “Sweet” on one side and “Sour” on the other. Which one do you feel like?

One set includes six tumblers. And, the tumblers are dishwasher safe! (At this price, they could be a disposable cup at your party … but, we think you will j’adore them so much that you’ll want re-use them!) Perfect for your summer soiree, lounging by the pool, or a quick sip of lemonade as you mow the lawn.

Call one of  Lifeguard Press’ “party go-ers” at 800-992-3006 today to place your order! (And, order more than one set … you’ll be happy you did!)


Lifeguard Press

Jonathan Adler Tumblers, Zig Zag / Sweet & Sour
Item # 100368
$12.95 SRP

Item of the Week! Crabtastic Circle Notes 15% Off

Lilly Pulitzer Circle Notes-Crabtastic

Lifeguard Press is estatic to announce the “Item of the Week” for May 24-28th … Lilly Pulitzer® Crabtastic Blue Circle Notes. This colorful stack of notes is the perfect item to place on your desk or the foyer table to jot your summer memos (like “I’m in the pool!” or “Popsicles are in the freezer!”).

Call us at 800-992-3006 to order yours today!


Lifeguard Press

Crabtastic Circle Notes
Item # 103113
$15.95 SRP

Jonathan Adler Personalized Trays are Award Winning!

Thank you AOL ShelterPop for choosing the new Jonathan Adler personalized tray from Lifeguard Press as your pick for the “Best New Item from an Old Friend” at the National Stationery Show!

To those of you who are anxious to order one for yourself … they will be available in August at your favorite retailer. There will be trays, coasters, paper weights, picture frames, and more … and in so many colorful, fun patterns.  You’ll j’adore them all!
(Retailers : Call Lifeguard Press at 800-992-3006 to reserve your Jonathan Adler Home & Gift Personalization Program)

Jonathan Adler :: Celebrity Apprentice! Celebrity Stationery!


The always-chic, always-fantastic Jonathan Adler was on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice tonight as a guest judge for the apartment interior design challenge! Of course, we love Jonathan Adler here at Lifeguard Press. He is so much fun to work with … and his new stationery & gift collection show it! Check out the Jonathan Adler stationery & gifts from Lifeguard Press. It’s so colorful and cute. (We even think you’ll feel like a celebrity when you use it!)