Wednesday Edition of Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest

Oh my goodness how are we at Happy Hump Day again!? Time flies when you are having fun (and anticipating seeing the newest Twilight Movie: Eclipse)!! Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? I’m going to have to take a head count and see where Team Lifeguard Press stands!

We are so proud and thankful for all of our fan’s playing along. It is amazing how quickly you send the correct answers in! While we were still continuing the great debate if there are 6 or 7 colors in the Jonathan Adler Square Pegs Picture Frame (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Brown, & White) you all answered Our Opposites Attract question in record time!! For the record the Jonathan Adler tumblers come in: Spiked/Virgin, Bubbles/Flat, Soda/Pop, Sweet/Sour! These are perfect when you are poolside and enjoying this weekends festivities!

Before we can start planning our long weekend, we need to issue today’s task…

Jonathan Adler has 10 Commandments for a Happy Chic Home…Send us your favorite one!

Email your answer to: with the subject line: Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest before midnight (CST) to win that $100 Lifeguard Press gift card!

This one has the potential to be a little challenging, so if you need some help locating we will take a break from our to-do lists (written on our Jonathan Adler Pocket Paper-Acapulco) be back at 5pm to help! See you then!


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