The Tuesday Edition of Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest!

Good Morning All! We have had a fun morning as we took a class with Rob Blackford of Design 615. He gave us some fabulous insight on how to we can entertain you even more!! Stay tuned for some great new changes!


So being a Monday we thought we would toss you an easy question to start of the week. What colors make up our Jonathan Adler Square Pegs Picture Frame? Little did I know this question would start an internal debate on colors!! Our designers claim that white is NOT a color. Our “non” designers say it is. So if you forgot to put white in your answer. We are going to give you the full points thanks to our designers (who coincidently have the same initials K.P. ) Tell us your thoughts? Is white a color?

Ok on to the next challenge!

Opposites attract!  Tell us what words are printed on the Jonathan Adler tumblers opposite of these:  Spiked and ____, Soda and ____, Bubbles and ____, Sweet and ____?

Email your answer to: with the subject line: Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest before midnight (CST) to win that $100 Lifeguard Press gift card! If you will excuse us we have some more debating to do about this so called “white” not being a color…


One response to “The Tuesday Edition of Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest!

  1. I didn’t consider white a color…but I actually debated putting it in my answer! I also debated whether one stripe was black or brown. Hope I guessed correctly!

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