Day 3 of the Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest

Happy Hump Day!  You can almost see the weekend peaking its beautiful head up over the cliff! Come on weekend, Mama needs a new pair of shoes!! In all seriousness we need these few days to prepare for the weekend. On today’s to-do list? Wrap that insanely awesome wedding gift in Jonathan Adler’s Acapulco gift wrap. The name alone brings thoughts of peace and romance!

You guys are awesome and really know your Jonathan Adler trivia! We were definitely impressed when the answers came flying in to yesterdays question…Jonathan Adler was a lead judge in what hit TV series? In 2007  Jonathan Adler joined the Bravo Family as lead judge on Top Design! He delivered his fabulous kiss-off line “See you later, decorator!”  Donald Trump has nothing on our man!

Who is interested in the standings!? We are! We are! (Keep in mind we have some Summer twists to catch you up if you are just starting!)

Mandy: 7

Alessandra: 7

Kacey: 7

Alex: 7

Cyndi: 7

Lori: 6.5

Annette: 6.5

Kim: 6.5

Angela: 4.5

Jessica: 4.5

Barbara: 4.5

Katie: 4

Lisa: 3.5

Ann: 3

Hunter: 1.5

Sarah R: 1.5

Jeannine: 1.5

Katie: 1.5

Ali: 1

Mariam: 1

Sarah D: .5

I guess you know what time it is….time for Question 3. We made an executive decision that because it is Wednesday and 98° outside (anyone else remember the short lived boy band staring Nick & Drew Lachey?? Swoon…) we decided to give you an easy one:

What is Jonathan Adler’s Adlerism of the day?

Email your answer to with the subject line of Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest before 5pm to get the full 3 points. Don’t worry if the heat has you a little frazzled, help is on the way!

**today is National Pink Day, to celebrate we are offering FREE Shipping all day long with coupon code: PINK!


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