Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest

JA Summer Lovin

Summer is right around the corner and we are super excited for the extra time in the sun; sitting by the pool, drinking with the spiked side of our cup showing, and listening to hot tunes! With the 21st being Summer Solstice, we thought we would play a game…and we want YOU to join! Hop on, Monday at high noon (CST), to put your knowledge of our Nifty Gifty designer, Jonathan Adler, to a test! The winner receives a $100 gift card to shop with Lifeguard Press!

How to Win:

Email your answers to our daily question to with the subject line of Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest before midnight (CST).

Questions are posted every weekday at noon (CST) on our Blog, Twitter, and Facebook. We will also post daily rankings and answers from the previous day so you can see where you stand!

Answer the question Monday-Thursday before 5PM CST and it is worth 3 points.

At 5PM CST a hint will be given and if the question is answered after the hint is given you will receive 1 point.

Fridays, questions are worth 5 points before the hint and 2 points after.

“Like” our questions on Facebook and receive an additional 1/2 point

If there is a tie after our two weeks of gaming…a tiebreaker will be held the following Monday and posted at noon. First person to answer correctly wins!

So, enjoy the sun, get out your smart phones and celebrate your Love of Jonathan Adler with Lifeguard Press and you might win a chance to let us accessorize all of your colorful adventures!


2 responses to “Jonathan Adler Summer Lovin’ Contest

  1. Love this idea! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for questions.

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