Free Coffee at Starbucks … Stylishly

We love coffee! We love Starbucks! We love fabulous thermal mugs! … So, April 15th feels more like a holiday than tax day!
What a delightful surprise to discover that today is “free coffee” day at Starbucks when you bring in your own travel mug. And, the fact that it is for a good cause makes us feel like our caffine addiction has a purpose. By using your own travel mug (instead of the iconic Starbucks paper cup), we can help save more than 30 trees a day. Wow! The Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler thermal mugs are the perfect travel mug. They’re chic, they’re stylish, they’re cute. We especially love the Lilly Pulitzer “Queen of Green” pattern – which supports the “Lilly Loves Green” campaign. Seems like perfect match to us!

Grab your favorite Lilly Pulitzer or Jonathan Adler thermal mug and head to Starbucks for your coffee today … and everyday! (We’ll see you there!)

Don’t have a chic travel thermal mug? (Tsk, tsk.) We can help! Order yours today at Lifeguard Press.
(Hint: These make a great gift! Slip a Starbucks gift card inside for the perfect Graduation Gift.)

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