Jonathan Adler Pens are “In Style”


We did a few cartwheels here at Lifeguard Press when we opened up the April issue of InStyle magazine to discover that they had given the Jonathan Adler pens a “high five!” And, as a cherry on top, they picked them for the #1 spot. (Thanks, InStyle!) Of course, we couldn’t agree more that these pens are super cute. We love the quality, the wonderful gift box and chic style! They are one of our best-sellers for a reason. InStyle picked the Multi-Chevron pattern as their favorite. The pen also comes in Diamonds, Greek Key and Acapulco. (Collect them all!)

And, to celebrate this fun press, we thought we’d do a little gift-away. Leave a comment on this blog post to tell us your favorite Jonathan Adler item (is it a piece of his pottery? something from his new stationery & gift collection? the ink pen?) and we’ll enter you to win the ever-coveted Multi-Chevron Ink Pen, matching note cube and whale salt & pepper shakers. We’ll pick a winner on April 16th … so, enter now and tell all of your friends.

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Multi-Chevron Ink Pen – $18.95 SRP
Multi-Chevron Note Cube – $12.95 SRP
and …
Shop for Jonathan Adler’s Salt + Pepper Shakers  ($48) … and other chic essentials at


5 responses to “Jonathan Adler Pens are “In Style”

  1. I love the JA note cube…I write everything down, so I don’t forget! All the patterns are so cute!

  2. love the color combinations on all the Jonathan Adler paper goods. If your not a Lilly person it’s the perfect alternative. I love the pencils with the witty sayings on them they make me smile everytime I use them!

  3. I was just at a Johnathan Adler store in NYC and absolutely loved everything! We really liked the squirrel figures. My so. Has a thing for squirrels and was counting everyone we saw on our trip. He claims to have counted 45.

  4. Love, Love, Love …. The Ink Pen 🙂

  5. I love all of the JA things. The desk organizer is my favorite, though! Followed closing by the picture frames 🙂

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