Loving Green! Going Green!

“Going Green!” started off as a great slogan, and has quickly become a lifestyle. We, here at Lifeguard Press, do what we can to recycle and be conscious of our environment that we live in. Last year, the Lilly Pulitzer team told us about their brilliant idea to do a “Lilly loves Green” campaign … and we quickly jumped on board! Watch for some fantastic “Lilly loves Green” items (including thermal mugs, market bags, tumblers and so much more!) to arrive in your favorite gift stores soon.  And, as part of the campaign, we are supporting the World Wildlife Fund with the sale of some of our cute Lilly Pulitzer critter items, including the new “Desert Tort” watch set.

Since last we have also started looking at “going green” and “loving green” through creative eyes. We are amazed and delighted at all that is happening in this world. This past week we were in New York City for the New York Gift Fair and stopped in our tracks at Anthropologie as we gazed upon their windows. Beautiful, Creative, Happy and Spring-esque … and all made from plastic cups and soda bottles. Wow! How are you “loving Green?”


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