Colorful Wedding Trends!

Wedding Bells are Ringing … and we love that the biggest trends this year are details and COLOR! Twenty-ten is all about putting your own personal touch and flair to your wedding day. Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Invitations by Lifeguard Press are helping you be trendy with color. Especially the Winner’s Circle invitation suite shown above. This four (that right, F O U R!) color letterpress invitation suite on beautiful, luxious paper is sure to set the mood for an event that is full of joy and celebration. And, look at all of the other color inspired items that are sure to make your wedding day unforgetable! Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings agrees. Darcy says in Brides Guide Blog, “When I think of Lilly Pulitzer, I think bright, fun, and happy—all good things to think of when it comes to your wedding.”

Details aren’t the only things getting the attention. Even “star performers” at the wedding are getting a splash of color. Wedding dresses are even available in bright an bold colors! Pink. Orange. Turquoise. Hooray! If a colorful wedding dress isn’t for you – you can always add a splash of color with a broach, sash or shoes (our personal favorite.)

Whether sticking to tradition or going for bold – making it personal is what your day is all about.
(And, if you’d like Lilly Pulitzer Wedding Invitations, we’d love to help you find a store near you. The invitation suites are absolutely spectacular!)


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