Holiday Time at Lifeguard Press

We may be a little late blogging on the holiday parties here at Lifeguard Press … but, we’re still celebrating our fabulous company!

We started off our holiday week with a tacky Christmas sweater contest (which turned into a tacky outfit contest). It was so much fun to see what everyone came up with! We had everything from the traditional snowman sweater with glued on furry balls and glitter to the untraditional adult onesie.

The next day we had an amazing lunch/Christmas party at Bowling Green Country Club. A couple of people got together early and decorated the room with the festive Lilly Pulitzer Party Poms and Celebration Garland. We played dirty santa (which is always a blast!), had fabulous food and laughed so much. The party was ended with a perfect surprise. Our  office manager, with the help of a couple others, got each person in the office a small personalized gift. You can tell a lot of thought was put in each one, they were perfect! One girl, who wears flip flops all the time and loves Bon Jovi, received Bon Jovi flip flops. Too perfect!

Below are just a handful of pictures from our festivities. You can find more at Enjoy!


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