Ta-Da! NEW Showroom in Atlanta!

We love trade shows! It is a moment to get to know our customers and  hear adoration for our product (which gives us energy and creativity to take new leaps!). One of our favorite trade shows is the Atlanta Gift Show at AmericasMart every January and July. For ten years now, we have gladly shipped our big crates in-and-out and set up twice a year. This year … we moved buildings and are leasing a permanent showroom space. The timing just seemed perfect! We are debuting the Jonathan Adler stationery & gift line, and have added lots of new products and categories for our ever-famous Lilly Pulitzer and Susan Branch stationery & gift lines. We have been gushing with excitement and planning, planning, planning to make sure that we produce something where our customers will enjoy shopping.. Ta-Da! It is here! (Come see us! Building 2, #834A)

In October, a team went to AmericasMart to hand-pick our new showroom. We knew this particular showroom would work instantly! #834A  … here we come!


Ahh … our new blank canvas! We switched the doors to open in the middle, added beautiful hardwood floors (painted in high gloss white!), painted the walls white, added walls to create window displays, and so much more. Now – ready for some color and product!

We put together (yes, wired and assembled!) seven chandeliers for the showroom. We love sparkle! And, painted a few accent walls – some pink, some orange, and even wallpapered a wall in a gorgeous Jonathan Adler print.

Accent walls painted and furniture installed – Ready for the merchandising of product and window displays!


Ta-Da! Three cheers for our showroom … ready for YOU! Each brand (Jonathan Adler, Lilly Pulitzer and Susan Branch) has their own section and statement.

Come see Lifeguard Press’ newest showroom in Atlanta on January 6-13th in AmericasMart, Building 2, #834A.
Join us at www.facebook.com/lifeguardpress to hear the latest details of the show and see more pictures.


One response to “Ta-Da! NEW Showroom in Atlanta!

  1. Eek, what a lot of work! But I know it is looking fabulous, congratulations, it is such a big accomplishment!

    Wish we were going to be there, but waffled an wavered at the last moment and are staying put until the Chicago show. 😦

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