Sneak Preview of our Spring 2010 colors!

If you venture into our art department here at Lifeguard Press … you’ll see visions of Pantone Matching Books floating around. It is amazing how many different shades of pink and turquoise and green and yellow there are! We have most of them memorized by heart and can almost quote them all of to you in a code that will bedazzle most. If you are looking outside your window today and have the winter blues – our color swatches from 2010 are sure to make things sunny and cheery! Here is a sneak preview of the colors of the Lifeguard Press Spring 2010 product line.

Our  Lilly Pulitzer® stationery and gift collection include the fun and whimsical pinks and greens (of course!). This spring there will be splashes of yellows and blues too!

And, our newest addition of  Jonathan Adler stationery and gifts are introducing colors that are bold, modern and playful … which will include colorful patterns of blues, greens, reds, oranges and yellows!

Hopefully these colors will give you something to look forward to when the cold weather is gone. (We’re thinking about making our computer wallpaper these fun and festive swatches!)  Watch out for these colorful products coming soon!


2 responses to “Sneak Preview of our Spring 2010 colors!

  1. Have always loved your products, but would really like to get to know the creative individuals that bring these fabulous gifts to all of us!

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