Send Some Lilly!

Having a party? In need of creative and unique calling cards or gift stickers? Looking for personalized cards that are bright and colorful? You are in luck! We at Lifeguard Press are honored to be the licensee of Lilly Pulitzer ®

The Lilly Pulitzer ® Correspondence Album lets you choose the colors, patterns and fonts for all of your stationery needs.  You can choose from 22 fun fonts, 14 colors, and 31 Lilly Pulitzer patterns to personalize your own stationery needs.Here are just a few things that we adore:

This invitation can be used for personal stationery, thank you notes, birth announcements, graduation parties…the list goes on!


It's a jungle out there! Use these cute Animal Parade cards as inviations to a "wild" party.

But there is more…Lifeguard Press also makes stickers and calling cards! You could get stickers printed in the same pattern to use as favor tags, “to and from” tags, or as a gift for the birthday girl. (Or get them non-sticky to use as calling cards, RSVP cards, gift registry cards…you get the idea.)

With many great Lilly Pulitzer® patterns available, the options are endless!

Another one of our favorite and most popular patterns available is the Crazy Caravan Pink pattern. While this could be used for any occasion, birth announcements tend to be the most popular (Awww…isn’t it cute!)

And with great Lilly Pulitzer® dresses, you can even match your party invitations. Check out the pictures below. The hostess wore a Lilly Pulitzer® patchtastic dress …which would look great with our Patchtastic cards!

lilly baby shower

Every family needs a stationery "suite"! Birth announcements, stickers (shown as book labels here), and foldover notes.


Why only coordinate your outfit to the invitation? Lifeguard Press also has matching tableware for several of the invitations! We have plates, napkins, tumblers, drink umbrellas, favor bags, and even a princess crown!

It also works well to match the pattern to the kind of party you are having. For a sunny cocktail party, we love the Juice Bar theme to get your guests in the mood for your party and brighten their day.


And if you want to warm up a party this fall with a colorful and beachy feel, we love the Loco Patch pattern.


So next time you are planning a party or in need of cards or stationery, remember the endless possibilities of the Lilly Pulitzer® Correspondence Album. (As if you need an excuse! Why wait? Go order some now at or

And don’t forget to join the conversation! We would love to hear what you think. Leave us a comment in the box below and tell us about a how you used our custom stationery or how you will in the future.


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