Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween around the Lifeguard Press office! It may be a day early, but we definately dressed for the occasion and are doing some trick-or-treating of our own. A couple of the people around here decided to get in the spirit of Halloween and put on costumes for the day.


From Left to Right: Angie (50's Housewife), Parker (JD from Scrubs), Karen (Betty Draper from Mad Men), David G. (Rambo, Deer Hunter, Bob, Dave -- I think he going through a split personality disorder today he has told everyone something different), Crystal (Lifeguard employee with glittery eyelashes)

Now everyone else will celebrate Halloween tomorrow (on the day they are supposed to) but not everyone will be taking the scary route this year. I found some cute, fun ways to decorate for Halloween!


Here is a pumpkin inspired by Lilly Pulitzer prints found on their fan images on their Facebook Page.


Here are few more from the pumpkin patch.


Above is a scarecrow found on the Susan Branch Facebook page. I love the idea of using a scarecrow to decorate for Halloween because you can keep him up for the whole season!


Another great photo found on the Susan Branch Facebook page. This center piece is perfect for a Halloween party and you can put it on your table for Thanksgiving too!


These pumpkins were used for a baby shower, but who says that can't have a pink halloween!


Tiny Prints blog had posted these from Gordon Gossip. I have been looking for a healthier Halloween treat. These are great!

I hope you all have cute, safe spooktacular Halloween!

-Karen & Rachel (Lifeguard’s new intern)


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