So much fun!

I have yet another find I am dying to get out in the open! I was cruising the internet, and honestly being quite egotistical about it, looking for products I have had a part in creating for Lifeguard’s stationery. It is just so much fun to see something you have spent months working on come to life! The product I have seen the most creative use of, which is a surprise to me, is the Lilly Pulitzer gift wrap. Below are a few ways I have seen Lilly Lovers bring the gift wrap to life.

lilly bride and goom

This image I found on Newport Weddings blog. A couple, which means bride :),  wanted a Lilly wedding. They used the wrapping paper to create the bride and groom name tags on the chair!

wall art

This is great! The gift wrap was used in this instance to create fun wall art. If you love this look but want to make use of every inch in your dorm room, check out our magnetic boards! They are too cute.


This pumpkin was created using the gift wrap and decoupage. I found this image on the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page, these girls love their Lilly! This is one of my favorite uses for gift wrap!


Another fan submitted photo on Lilly’s Facebook page.


Last but not least, the image that inspired this post. This is such a fun use for the gift wrap! It makes me want to wrap everything in my house!

If I missed anything or you have another fun use for the Lilly Pulitzer gift wrap please share! I would love to see it!



One response to “So much fun!

  1. You found some fabulous things, I am in love with the stepstool! Cute, cute, cute. all of it!

    Smiles at you,

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