A touch of home

This past Sunday I drove to my home town, Elizabethown, to spend the day with my family. My first stop is always my grandmothers. Her house has always been my favorite place to go. I have everything in that house memorized top to bottom, but I still love to dig things out and see what all she has. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite things are hearts (which is very fitting, her middle name is Hartzel), so needless to say everything is either pink or has a heart on it!

girl-with-heartElement from Susan Branch’s 2010 blotter calendar

One of my favorite things in her house are her quilts. She used to spend all day making quilts. She has a chest my grandpa made for her that has hearts carved on both sides. When you open it, it is full of different material for her quilts. Her material is covered in hearts and flowers. The colors are all soft blues, pinks, and greens, those you would find on the flowers in her backyard. The only exception to this is the left over material for the quilt and pillow case she made for my little cousin. It is a bright red and blue Nascar blanket covered in Jeff Gordon’s 24 logo.  She will do anything for her grandchildren!

I also love her artwork throughout the house. They are vastly different than the style I work in, but I still appreciate the artwork. Most of them are paintings that my aunts have done. There are also two cross stitch needlepoints, one my aunt created the other my grandmother did. My aunts is a winter scene of a town. There is ice skating, sledding, snow men, snow ball fights. The town has quaint country setting, with a red barn just like the one in my grandma’s back yard. My grandmother’s needlepoint is a sampler that has her rendition of the alphabet and her and grandpa’s wedding date. Once more it is decorated with her hearts and flowers. Next time I go home I will photograph these to share.

snowmanSnowman from Susan Branch’s 2010 blotter calendar. It reminds me of a snowman from my aunt’s needlepoint.

As I sit here and work on our upcoming Susan Branch line, I can’t help but feel that familiar heart of the home. Her patterns are soft colored and are donned with flowers, birds, and even hearts. The most prominent birds are cardinals. Which, being from Kentucky, my grandma’s backyard is always full of cardinals. As a matter of fact, the only thing I see in Susan Branch’s designs that my grandmother would not like is the use of cats. This is one of the only areas I disagree with my grandmother about, I love my little kitty!

cat-with-pumpkinYet another element from Susan Branch’s 2010 blotter calendar. Click on image above to see more!

Susan Branch’s art will give you that same familiar feeling of home when you look at it. That is why I am choosing her for our artist of the month. Any great artist will find a way to connect with their viewers through their body of works. Her art brings back memories of my childhood through warm thoughts from my grandmother’s house. I will leave you with a body of Susan Branch’s artwork to ponder over.


AugI used to make pink lemonade at my grandma’s house in those exact same glasses!


My favorite thing about Christmas is spending it with family! We love to chow down on my grandma’s cookies.

FebThere are those Kentucky Cardinals I was telling you about!

JunMy grandma’s backyard was always full of hummingbirds! All of these images come from Susan Branch’s 2010 art print easel calendar. Click on image above to see other months!


One response to “A touch of home

  1. Love this post – we have some Susan Branch fabric we are holding onto for making something “special”.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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