Gettin silly with Lilly!

Here at Lifeguard Press we don’t just go through the motions of producing and selling our product. We really get to know our designers and their quirks. Lilly Pulitzer is one or our designers that is full of fun and surprises! Here are few of my favorite things that we discovered while researching the great Lilly Pulitzer.

It is no surprise to anyone that her line of clothing is bright, patterned filled, and palm beach to a tee. What I didn’t know was how extensive her mens line was! I am in love the bow ties and sportscoats! Below is one of our very own, Kelly Parker, donned in his very dapper Lilly Pulitzer blazer. This picture was taken at the Atlanta trade show.


I was informed by one my colleagues that Maybellines Great Lash Mascara packaging was designed by none other than our Lilly Pulitzer. After doing research I found the pink bottle with green lid was created in 1933 and was very much inspired by Lilly Pulitzer’s colors. I could not find proof that she did design it, but nonetheless, this is just more proof that pink and green is timeless.


Did you know that Lilly Pulitzer uses her power over the pink world for much good? She has teamed up with Florida’s Natural juices to create a limited edition juice carton. The carton not only celebrates the 75th anniversary of Florida’s Natural Juice and the 50th anniversary of Lilly Pulitzer, but a portion of the proceeds will go directly to!


If you knew the story of how Lilly got her start you would agree that the above mentioned team is a match made in palm beach heaven. She started off working at her juice stand and was constantly getting stains on her clothing from the fruit juices. So, she decided to design her own dresses that would disguise the stains. Everyone fell in love with her dresses, so she decided to stop selling juice and to start selling dresses. Here we are fifty years later and we wouldn’t dream of getting juice on our favorite Lilly products!


To celebrate her 50th anniversary Lilly Pulitzer decided to create a stationery and gifts line. As usually with Lilly it is no work and all play. The line is full of party essentials; such as, celebration garland, party poms, tableware, tumblers, cocktail shakers, and much more. Even the products focused around getting work done are so playful and fun, you won’t even care to work.

Party Poms and Garland

Agenda These are just a very small amount of things we love about Lilly Pulitzer. I will continue to update more fun finds as they emerge.



One response to “Gettin silly with Lilly!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I have worked in the Palm Beach Lilly store for over 3 years now and I had never even heard the Great Lash story!! Thanks for sharing fun Lilly triva 🙂

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